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What material is used to bind EvokeMuse notebooks?


Vegan leather


What are the EvokeMuse details that make all the difference?

  • Total pages= 360(Thicker than most on the market)

  • Strong, ink-proof paper

  • Tearable sheets at the back of each notebook

  • Expandable pocket on the inside cover

  • 4 formats

  • 4 ruling options


Which requirements do the EvokeMuse notebooks meet?

Our products are made out of FSC-certified paper and are sourced sustainably.

The cover material used in our hardcover notebooks also meet the following standards: EU Reach, RoHS, CPSIA, EN71 Teil 3, TSCA, ISQ 8124 Teil 3, ASTM F963 and Prop. 65.  We use latex-saturated paper with a protective colour coating on a water base.


What formats are available for EvokeMuse notebooks?

  • Master (A4+), 8.8 x 12.4 in (225 x 315 mm)----Coming soon

  • Composition (B5), 7.6 x 10.0 in (178 x 254 mm)

  • Medium (A5), 5.7 x 8.3 in (145 x 210 mm)

  • Pocket (~A6), 3.5 x 5.9 in (90 x 150 mm)-----Coming soon


What ruling options are available for EvokeMuse notebooks?

  • Lined (line spacing: 7 mm- College ruled)

  • Squared (5 x 5 mm squares)

  • Dotted (dots with 5 x 5 mm spacing)

  • Plain 

Not all products are available with all ruling options. The ruling options available are specified on the individual product pages.


How many pages are in EvokeMuse notebooks?

360 pages= 180 sheets


How thick is the paper used in EvokeMuse notebooks?

Depending on the product and format, the thickness of our paper ranges from 80 to 100 g/m² for notebooks and 120g/m² to 150 g/m² for sketchbooks.


Is EvokeMuse paper acid-free?

Yes, our paper is acid-free.


Where in the US can I purchase a EvokeMuse product?

EvokeMuse can be purchased only from our online shop.


How do I order a notebook with personalized embossing?

You can order an embossed notebook online from our website – every individual product page offers a “Personalize” option.

How much does individual embossing cost?

Individual embossing costs $10.00. 


When was EvokeMuse established?


The company was originally founded on June 27, 1987.


How many people are employed by the EvokeMuse Gruppe?


We currently employ a staff of around 1000 people at four sites worldwide ( USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Italy). Over 250 of these are based at our headquarters in Los Angeles, USA.


What is the company philosophy of EvokeMuse?

We seek to create products that we can stand over and would be happy to use ourselves.