Why us?

Brand Name:

Evoke" suggests calling forth or bringing to mind emotions, feelings, and responses,while "Muse" represents the goddesses of inspiration in arts and sciences in Greek mythology. Together, "Evoke Muse" implies a powerful invocation of creativity and inspiration, symbolizing a brand that aims to stimulate and awaken the artistic and imaginative spirit in every individual.


Brand Slogan:

Evoke Your Essence, Write Your World.


Vision Statement:

In a world bursting with fleeting digital impressions, EvokeMuse emerged as an ode to the tangible. The vision was clear : to rekindle the intimate dance of thought, pen, and paper,allowing stories to find their permanent residence in the realm of the real, not the virtual.


Brand Story:

The genesis of EvokeMuse was inspired by the age-old love affair with the written word. At a time when screens threatened to eclipse the magic of handwriting, we sought to bring back the power of personal touch, of capturing moments not with clicks but with strokes of inspiration. The name 'EvokeMuse' was birthed from this very idea – to awaken the muse within every individual, encouraging them to evoke their essence and pen down their world. Our notebooks aren't mere paper bound together; they are vessels of imagination,canvases for creativity, and guardians of memories. We champion the act of expression,believing in the magic that transpires when emotions, thoughts, and dreams find their way onto a page. Each stroke is a testament to imagination, each page an invitation to express, and each cover a promise to preserve.


Brand Value:


inspiration & Imagination

We exist to be the spark that ignites creativity, encouraging minds to wander and hearts to feel.



Our products serve as conduits for self-expression, ensuring every sentiment, every nuance, is captured and cherished.


Elegance & Exquisiteness

Crafted with precision, every EvokeMuse product exudes an elegance and finesse that mirrors the stories they're destined to hold.



We blends tradition with mindful Earth-first practices, prioritizing sustainable materials to minimize our environmental footprint.


Reliability & Durability

Trust in EvokeMuse means trust in endurance. Our creations are not just beautiful; they're built to last, making them dependable companions in one's life journey.


Memories & Preservation

We believe in the power of remembrance. Our notebooks act as sanctuaries for memories, places where moments are not just recorded, but revered.

Brand Core Value:

As we move forward, EvokeMuse remains anchored in its ethos: to provide a space where stories are not merely penned, but revered. Join us in this endeavor, and together, let's evoke essence, value memories, and write worlds that resonate through ages.


Brand Keywords


Creativity : Stimulate, Inspire, Innovate, Express

Quality : Premium, Craftsmanship, Durability, Reliability

Inspiration : Muse, Spark, Imagination, Vision

Sustainability : Eco-friendly, Responsible, Green Practices

Empowerment : Encourage, Equip, Enable, Foster

Individuality : Personalized, Unique, Customized, Tailored

Elegance : Stylish, Sophisticated, Refined, Aesthetic

Memory : Preserve, Capture, Remember, Cherish

Journey : Adventure, Exploration, Progress, Path

Balance : Harmony, Versatility, Versatile, Well-rounded




Our journals feature the latest thread stitching technique to ensure secure page binding, preventing any pages from loosening. Additionally, we are proud to be FSC certified, guaranteeing our commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable practices.Our Hardcover notebook cover materials also comply with the requirements of: EU Reach, RoHS, CPSIA, EN71 Part 3, TSCA, ISQ 8124 Part 3, ASTM F963 and Prop. 65 standards.


At our brand, we go beyond providing exceptional 360-pages journals. We offer personalized customization options to create truly unique and distinctive pieces. From logo engraving and embossing to fully customized covers and interior pages, we cater to your individual preferences and bring your vision to life.Imagine having your logo expertly laser engraved or embossed onto the cover, adding a touch of elegance and professionalism to your journal. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to transform an entire image into a one-of-a-kind journal cover, ensuring a design that truly stands out.With our personalized customization services, the possibilities are endless. We strive to exceed your expectations and create a journal that reflects your style, personality, and brand identity. Whether it's for personal use, a special gift, or promotional purposes, our customization options allow you to create a journal that is as unique as you are.


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