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Evokemuse, Leuchtturm1917 and Moleskine, why Evokemuse is better?

Nov 21,2023 | EvokeMuse

What is Evokemuse?

EvokeMuse stands as a testament to the enduring charm of the written word in an age increasingly dominated by digital mediums.  EvokeMuse is a brand that reveres the intimate relationship between thought, pen, and paper, and strives to awaken the creative spirit in each individual. With its vision deeply rooted in tradition and innovation, EvokeMuse writing  journal offers more than just notebooks; it presents a canvas for imagination, a haven for memories, and a tool for expression.

The Philosophy of EvokeMuse

The inception of EvokeMuse was born out of a desire to reignite the magic of handwriting in a world captivated by screens. The brand's name itself is a blend of 'Evoke' and 'Muse', symbolizing the awakening of the creative spirit and the invocation of inspiration. EvokeMuse's philosophy is encapsulated in its slogan, "Evoke Your Essence, Write Your World," reflecting a commitment to fostering individual creativity and expression.

Crafting Elegance and Excellence

EvokeMuse’s products are designed with an emphasis on elegance, quality, and durability. The notebooks are not just paper bound together; they are the epitome of craftsmanship and finesse. With the use of 100g paper, these notebooks ensure that the writing experience is smooth, with no ink bleed-through. This quality makes them ideal for various writing instruments, catering to the preferences of different users.

Sustainability: A Core Commitment

In its pursuit of excellence, EvokeMuse does not overlook its environmental responsibilities. The brand is FSC certified, reflecting its commitment to sustainable and responsible sourcing of materials. The notebooks are crafted with an Earth-first approach, balancing the need for quality with environmental consciousness.

A Haven for Memories and Expression

Each EvokeMuse notebook serves as a sanctuary for memories and a conduit for self-expression. The brand values the power of remembrance, ensuring that every sentiment and nuance is captured and cherished. These notebooks are not mere repositories of information but guardians of personal journeys and experiences.

Personalization: Reflecting Individuality

Understanding the unique needs of its customers, EvokeMuse offers personalized customization options. From logo engraving to fully customized covers, the brand ensures that each notebook is as unique as the individual using it. This personalization adds a layer of individuality and elegance, making each notebook a reflection of the owner’s personality and style.

Quality That Endures

EvokeMuse’s commitment to quality is evident in its use of the latest thread stitching technique for secure page binding. This technique ensures durability and longevity, making these notebooks reliable companions for life’s journey. The notebooks comply with various international standards, showcasing the brand's dedication to delivering products of the highest quality.

Empowering Creativity and Imagination

At the heart of EvokeMuse’s ethos is the desire to stimulate and inspire creativity. The brand encourages users to explore their imagination and express themselves freely. Each notebook is designed to be a canvas for innovation, fostering an environment where ideas can flourish.

Beyond the Ordinary: Double the Pages, Unbeatable Value

EvokeMuse sets itself apart with its 360-page notebooks, offering almost double the page count compared to standard notebooks in the market. This feature, combined with the use of thicker, high-quality paper, ensures that the notebooks are not only more durable but also provide more space for expression. Furthermore, EvokeMuse offers these premium notebooks at a highly competitive price of $19.99, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Shipping Convenience and Accessibility

Understanding the importance of convenience, EvokeMuse ensures timely local delivery within 3-5 days in the United States. This prompt service enhances customer satisfaction and makes the brand's products readily available to those eager to embark on their creative journeys.


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Buy 3 get the lowest-priced 15% off

What is LEUCHTTURM1917?

LEUCHTTURM1917 stands as a beacon of tradition and quality in the world of high-quality stationery. With over a century of experience, this brand, founded in 1917, has been crafting exceptional notebooks, journals, and planners that resonate with the needs and aspirations of its customers.

The story of LEUCHTTURM1917 is deeply rooted in family values and tradition, with the company currently being steered by the fourth generation of the Stürken family, Axel and Max Stürken. Since taking the helm in the 1990s, they have continued to honor the legacy of their forebears while infusing the brand with modern innovation and vision.

Special Features for Enhanced Writing Comfort

These notebooks feature chamois-colored paper, a unique choice that eases the reading of handwritten notes. The paper quality varies from 80g/m² to 120g/m², offering a range of options for a smooth and pleasant writing experience. Each notebook includes two page markers, a blank table of contents, and numbered pages, facilitating effortless navigation and organization of content.

Unwavering Attention to Detail

LEUCHTTURM1917 pays close attention to the finer aspects of notebook design. Each notebook comes equipped with a gusseted pocket in the back, perfect for storing loose notes or business cards. Additionally, practical features like stickers for labeling and archiving, along with an elastic closure band, are included for convenience and ease of use.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of LEUCHTTURM1917's manufacturing process. The brand exclusively uses FSC-certified, sustainably produced paper. The hardcover materials meet several international standards, including EU Reach, RoHS, CPSIA, EN71 Part 3, TSCA, ISQ 8124 Part 3, ASTM F963, and Prop. 65. Moreover, the paper is treated with a water-based, latex-saturated protective color coating, underscoring the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility.

A Wide Range of Choices

LEUCHTTURM1917 offers a vast selection of notebooks to cater to individual preferences. Customers can choose between hardcover and softcover options, four different rulings, and six diverse formats. To further personalize the writing experience, accessories like the Pen Loop, Drehgriffel Nr.1 pen, or Drehgriffel Nr.2 mechanical pencil are available.

Personalization Service

The personalization service by LEUCHTTURM1917 transforms their notebooks, journals, planners, and writing instruments into unique items. Personalization, such as embossing a name on the cover, adds a special touch, making these products ideal for gifts or personal use, emphasizing the individuality of one's notes and thoughts.

Designed Down to the Last Detail

Every detail in a LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook is thoughtfully considered. The pages are not only numbered but also include a blank table of contents for better organization. For added convenience, several perforated pages are available at the back of each notebook, allowing users to easily share notes. Each notebook also comes with a set of self-adhesive labels, aiding in efficient archiving and organization.


Above $25, prices vary 

Different series, different sizes, different prices.

What is Moleskine?

The company began life as Modo&Modo, a small Milanese publisher that, in 1997, brought the original notebook back to life and established the Moleskine® trademark. Moleskine Srl was listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in 2013. 

The Moleskine notebook is the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin.


All products are compliant with California Proposition 65, one of the most stringent regulations in the world regarding the safety and environmental impact of materials.

Moleskine is FSC-certified™ (Forest Stewardship Council™), supporting responsible management of the world’s forests.

Personalized book cover

Different series of notebooks have different book covers, including silk and leather. Each design is exquisite and has great collection value.


Ranging from $29 to $100

Different series, different sizes, different prices.

Which one is best ?

Comparing Evokemuse, Leuchtturm1917, and Moleskine involves examining various aspects of each brand, including their quality, features, sustainability, personalization options, and price range.

Quality and Design

  • Evokemuse: Known for its high-quality 100g paper, Evokemuse notebooks ensure a smooth writing experience without ink bleed-through. The brand focuses on elegance, quality, and durability. Its notebooks are designed for creativity and imagination, offering double the page count (360 pages) of standard notebooks.

  • Leuchtturm1917: Offers notebooks with paper quality varying from 80g/m² to 120g/m², featuring chamois-colored paper for comfortable reading of handwritten notes. Their notebooks come with thoughtful details like page markers, blank table of contents, and numbered pages.

  • Moleskine: As a successor to the legendary notebooks used by historical figures, Moleskine provides high-quality notebooks compliant with California Proposition 65. Their notebooks have varied covers, including silk and leather, emphasizing exquisite design and collection value.


  • Evokemuse: Committed to environmental responsibility, the brand is FSC certified, reflecting sustainable and responsible sourcing of materials.

  • Leuchtturm1917: Also uses FSC-certified paper and ensures that hardcover materials meet several international environmental standards.
  • Moleskine: Complies with FSC certification and supports responsible forest management worldwide.

Personalization and Accessories

  • Evokemuse: Offers personalized customization options like logo engraving and fully customized covers, allowing for a high degree of individualization.

  • Leuchtturm1917: Provides a personalization service that includes embossing names on covers. They also offer accessories like Pen Loop and Drehgriffel pens.

  • Moleskine: Known for its variety of notebook covers, Moleskine offers a range of exquisite designs that cater to different aesthetic preferences.


Evokemuse emerges as a compelling choice for individuals who prioritize a harmonious blend of quality, creativity, and affordability in their stationery. This brand distinctly positions itself as not just a provider of notebooks but as a catalyst for creativity and expression. Here are some of the key advantages that make Evokemuse an ideal choice, particularly for those engaged in extensive writing or sketching:

  • High-Quality Paper: Evokemuse notebooks feature 100g paper, which is notably thicker than many standard notebooks. This quality ensures a superior writing experience, as the paper is robust enough to prevent ink bleed-through, making it suitable for a variety of writing instruments, including fountain pens and markers.

  • Enhanced Durability: The use of the latest thread stitching technique for page binding in Evokemuse notebooks adds to their durability. This means they can endure prolonged use, making them reliable companions for long-term projects or extensive journals.

  • Ample Writing Space: With 360 pages, Evokemuse offers almost double the page count found in many standard notebooks. This abundance of space is perfect for those who write or sketch regularly, providing ample room for creativity without the need for frequent replacements.

  • Affordability: Despite these premium features, Evokemuse manages to maintain an affordable price point. Priced at $19.99 or $21.99, these notebooks offer excellent value, especially considering their quality and page count. The brand also offers discounts on bulk purchases, further enhancing their affordability.

  • Personalization Options: Understanding the unique needs and preferences of its customers, Evokemuse offers extensive customization options. This includes logo engraving and fully customized covers, allowing users to personalize their notebooks to reflect their individual style or brand.

  • Commitment to Sustainability: In line with modern environmental concerns, Evokemuse is FSC certified, emphasizing the brand's dedication to sustainable and responsible sourcing of materials. This commitment appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.

  • Versatility and Creativity: The brand's philosophy to evoke individual essence and creativity is evident in every notebook. Each product is designed to be not just a tool for writing but a canvas for imagination, making it an ideal choice for artists, writers, students, and professionals alike.

In summary, Evokemuse stands out for its combination of high-quality materials, generous page count, personalization options, and commitment to sustainability, all offered at a competitive price. This unique blend of features makes it a highly recommended choice for those seeking a notebook that is not only practical and durable but also inspires and facilitates creative expression.