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How To Travel With Your Bullet Journal

Dec 08,2023 | EvokeMuse


If you dream of traveling soon or have traveled before, you understand the struggle of planning your journey, booking hotels, etc.


You may also know the mental agitation and frustrations of planning your travel, especially if you only rely on your memory. This is where organization and planning come in, and nothing as effective and reliable as a travel bullet journal for this purpose exists.


A travel bullet journal is a hand-held sanctuary for planning and organizing travel plans of your dreams, one that is hassle-free and doesn’t hurt your wallet.


But maybe you don’t know how to use a bullet journal for your travel.


In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about traveling with a bullet journal, including the travel bullet journal ideas, best travel bullet journals, etc.

Why should I travel with a bullet journal?

Let us look at some reasons you should travel with a bullet journal:


Most travelers plan their journey before starting. However, very few individuals have invested in some kind of a system that makes planning their travel hassle-free and valuable, especially if they plan to travel to the same destination again. Here is where a bullet journal comes in handy.


A travel bullet journal can be your personal help guide. For instance, you can write about your budget for the trip, which places you intend to visit, where you will be staying, reflections or thoughts you have, etc.


While planning can seem complex and daunting for most travelers, a travel bullet journal will assist you in feeling more prepared and less scared for your travel.


Before starting your travel, you may have some expectations about your travel destination, people there, food, and the entire experience.


Do not just keep those expectations/thoughts trapped somewhere in your head. Write them down in your bullet journal. This allows you to reflect on what you expected from your travel once you return.


You can get started by answering the following questions:

  • What do you expect to gain out of this travel?
  • What do you think about your travel destination’s culture?
  • What do you think your travel experience will look like?
  • What do you plan on doing differently for this travel, compared with others?
  • Do you think people at your travel destination would be different from you and where you live?


Therefore, with a bullet journal, you make your travel experience a period of self-reflection and more anticipated.


After your travel, you come back with learning experiences and abundant memories. However, you will have forgotten half of those memories/experiences after a few years. You might even wish to have recorded them somewhere.


To avoid future wishes and regrets, we recommend using a bullet journal to record all the traveling exciting encounters and moments.


For instance, note down or record your bad and good memories, experiences that taught you something meaningful, instances that made you feel great about yourself and the travel, etc. You will feel thrilled when you visit those memories/encounters later on.


You can make it even better by adding paper memories, such as ticket stamps from places you went to, business cards from people you met, and many other exciting things that will serve as excellent memories in your bullet journal.

What you should include in the bullet journal for your travel

Now that you know why you should have a travel bullet journal, let us move on to things you should include in your bullet journal for your travels.

1. Budget tracker

As mentioned above, maintaining your travel finances is critical in planning your travel.


We recommend including a budget tracker within your bullet journal to save your wallet and yourself from going down the drain when you should have spent more time relaxing and enjoying your time.


You can write down all the expenses you expect during your travel. Perform some research about the location you intend to visit before traveling. Doing this will give you a clear picture of the sort of expenses you might have, including recreation expenses, shopping, living costs, food costs, etc.


Write down and assign each expense an amount to determine what you can afford to spend and avoid going overboard when traveling. This will give you an idea of what is spent, how much is left, and any impulsive or unexpected expenses.

2. Things to do

One of the primary aspects of the bullet journal for your travel is a list of everything you will do at your destination. This can include a general list of all available activities within your destination. Alternatively, you can choose to write down only the things you want to do.


One useful tip would be adding the cost and time, if any, of all the activities that you will be interested in doing. This way, assessing the activities that suit your travel budget and duration will be easier.

3. Itinerary

After a budget planner, an itinerary is perhaps the most important thing you require. Immediately after enlisting everything you need for your travel, start making an itinerary.


This will include everything you intend to do each day during your travel. Begin by enlisting the time needed for each activity and which day is ideal for it, then organize everything into an order for every day.


However, you should not be meticulous about this. For instance, you are still on your travels, and it should be a thrilling/enjoyable experience, not a job-related project that must be done by the minute.


An important tip will be to take it easy on yourself when traveling. Simply have fun.

4. Savings tracker

Every week, month, or year, however or whenever often you plan to travel, you must know your budget and whether you have adequate savings to support your travel.


To plan ahead for yearly or monthly travels or spontaneous adventures, you must include a savings tracker within your bullet journal. You can either contribute a particular amount each month to your traveling fund and use your savings tracker to plan ahead for your travels.


For instance, having a clear idea of your savings and the travel destination that best suits your savings will help you in deciding the following:

  • Whether you can afford your travel with your savings
  • The amount of money you can spend on which activities.


You can also use your savings tracker and the budget tracker when traveling to gauge the amount you plan to spend and how much you have actually spent.

5. Packing list

This entails a list of all the items you require and will carry on your travel.


We recommend researching your travel destination before packing the required items. This involves checking weather conditions and any societal or cultural things you must be aware of to fully prepare for the travel and pack the right things.


You can enlist anything from travel gear, food requirements, clothes, money, etc.


The packing list will also allow you to ensure that you won’t miss out on anything essential, such as health-related stuff or anything else that you won’t be able to travel without.

6. Vacation countdown

Add a vacation countdown for every travel you take to make your bullet journal a bit more colorful and fun.


Essentially, when you begin planning your travel, you can start a vacation countdown at that point.


This will allow you to plan better how much time you have before leaving for your travel and sorting out essential stuff. It may also be simply a fun activity to raise your anticipation for your travel and be more excited.

7. Journaling

Your bullet journal may also include memorable anecdotes, which can be used as a self-reflection journal before you leave for your journey while traveling or after returning.


For instance, journaling is a tried and proven method for attaining mental clarity and self-reflection.


Therefore, in your bullet journal, you should write about all the people you meet, all the places you visit, and any thrilling experience that made you cry, angry, laugh, or simply overwhelmed.

8. Travel wishlist

You can think of a travel wishlist as a bucket list specific for traveling. Having it in your bullet journal can be especially important to individuals with a lengthy list of places they want to visit, foods they want to try, things they want to explore, and many other location-specific things.


And once you are done, return to your travel wishlist to check it off. The feeling that comes with checking off something from your travel wishlist simply makes you feel like you have achieved something vital.

Best Bullet Journals for your travel

EvokeMuse Blank Notebook Journal 

Prioritizing the traveler experience, this bullet journal includes thick, acid-free paper. This allows your entries to remain vibrant and crisp over the years. It also allows you to use several pens without worrying about the ink seeping through.


To make each bullet journal unique, EvokeMuse Gratitude Journal Notebook has an added option of personalizing the spine and cover. This is a chance to stamp your identity, which turns your travel journal into a heartfelt gift for a special individual.


This travel bullet journal is also made from vegan leather, and it aligns with ethical choices and exudes a sense of luxury. It is an ideal blend of conscious consumption and durability, ensuring the journal's longevity without compromising on principles.


Designed meticulously for both usability and aesthetics, this travel bullet journal has rounded corners that ensure easy handling and add a touch of elegance. Moreover, the expandable pocket refers to a thoughtful addition that you can use to store keepsakes or loose notes.

EvokeMuse Gratitude Journal Notebook

EvokeMuse Gratitude Journal Notebook is another bullet journal popular among travelers and bullet journalists. For instance, its feature-rich yet compact design makes it a favorite among travelers who want to document their travels/journeys. This bullet journal also promises an enhanced writing experience and a space for thought tailored to individual styles and needs.


Additionally, to make each travel bullet journal unique, the EvokeMuse Gratitude Journal Notebook has an added option for personalizing the spine and cover. This allows you to stamp your identity and potentially turn your bullet journal into a heartfelt gift for a special person.


Designed with user comfort in mind, the EvokeMuse Gratitude Journal Notebook has a lay-flat design that makes writing hassle-free. Each page remains flat, which allows for an uninterrupted flow of ideas.


Recognizing that every traveler has a distinct style, this bullet journal features a variety of styles and colors. From classic hues to more vibrant shades, you will always find a style that resonates with your taste. 

EvokeMuse Leather Covered Journal Notebook

EvokeMuse Leather Covered Journal Notebook comes in various page styles and stunning colors. Travelers love this bullet journal for their slim and sleek design.


It has a water-resistant and strong cover made from vegan leather, with 360 pages, an expandable pocket inside, and rounded corners. It also includes one elastic band as a bookmark, one elastic band for closure, and 64 tear-off pages.


The pocket inside of this bullet journal expands to hold receipts, notes, cards, appointments, and more. You can also personalize the spine and cover of this travel journal using the included tear-off sheet.


This bullet journal is also made of 100 gsm acid-free, high-quality paper, which is thicker than other notebooks. Therefore, you can have many writing tools without worrying about bleed-through or ghosting.


Moreover, the EvokeMuse Leather Covered Journal Notebook has a flat-lay design, making it easy for both left-handed and right-handed individuals to write.

EvokeMuse Daily Journal Notebook

EvokeMuse Daily Journal Notebook has gained appreciation and love from travelers, as its features are perfect for on-the-go needs. For example, it has an expandable pocket that serves as a handy storage space for cards, tickets, small keepsakes, etc. This ensures that all your important mementos are kept close.


It also boasts 360 pages, providing ample space for all your notes, sketches, memories, thoughts, etc. This bullet journal is also durable, ensuring you can chronicle all your travel experiences for a long time before purchasing a new travel journal.


The acid-free, thick paper prevents the yellowing of written content over time, which ensures that your travel notes and memories stay pristine for years. Additionally, the quality of the paper makes this bullet journal ideal for a vast range of writing instruments.


Moreover, it has a lay-flat design, ensuring a comfortable writing experience. For instance, you won’t need to struggle with page flipping or your bullet journal closing on its own.

EvokeMuse Executive Notebook Journal

EvokeMuse Executive Notebook Journal has gained a stellar reputation among travelers and bullet journalists who appreciate its functional and slim design for on-the-go journaling. Most travelers also love its structured layout for organized entries.


Its lay-flat design allows it to open flat for a hassle-free and seamless writing experience on each page. It also comes in diverse page styles and a range of timeless colors, ensuring you get a perfect match for your aesthetic.


Crafted precisely, the EvokeMuse Executive Notebook journal’s vegan leather cover is durable and tough to withstand wear and daily handling.


Moreover, you can make it uniquely yours by personalizing the spine and cover. This makes it a thoughtful gift or a cherished keepsake.

Factors to consider when choosing the best bullet journal for your travel

Binding and cover design

The structural foundation on which a bullet journal is built, its cover and binding, plays a vital role in determining the user experience for the traveler/writer.


The style of the journal’s binding impacts its durability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal when placed on a shelf.


Durable thread binding, either discretely enveloped or nakedly exposed within a protective covering, offers a perfect balance of function and form. Threaded bindings, unlike glue bindings, which degrade over time, retain the bullet journal’s integrity and allow it to lay fully flat when you open any page.


Spiral bindings allow effortless flat opening and page-turning. However, they may dig uncomfortably into your wrist during use. The wire spiral presents the risk of bending and snagging with frequent transport of your bullet journal.


Hardcovers provide rigid protection against impacts and knocks when traveling. They also offer a steady, firm surface for writing, even without a desk underneath. On the other hand, softcovers prioritize maximizing portability and minimizing weight for the traveler. If you are into lightweight softcovers but prefer increased resilience, we recommend buying a separate protective cover into which you can insert your bullet journal.

Size of Pages

Bullet journals come in various sizes to accommodate different preferences and needs.


The A5 bullet journals are sufficiently compact and hit the optimal sweet spot for easy portability. They are also spacious enough for expressive travel sessions.


A4 bullet journals offer an expansive stretch to immerse the traveler while recording detailed diary entries and extensive ruminations.


On the other hand, pocket-sized bullet journals have diminutive slides that seamlessly slide into a purse or pocket. They are perfect for writing down travel instances while on the go.

Number of Pages

The thickness and number of pages in a bullet journal indicate its duration of use and staying power.


Agile and slim bullet journals perfectly suit brief stints of daily travel reflections.


More weighty, substantial journals with lavish page counts will support several months of in-depth travel journaling without running dry.


However, bulkier travel bullet journals can induce wrist discomfort and hand strain when writing at length.

Paper Quality

High-quality paper attracts the smooth glide of the pen across the page, resisting feathering and bleeding while showcasing vibrant links.


Fountain pen-friendly bullet journal paper offers the optimal combination of resistance for precision strokes and smoothness for seamless nib flow.


For example, Evokemuse’s wispy-thin paper defeats feathering and bleeding while barely adding weight. This allows for creating bullet journals with staggering page counts that remain lightweight.


Additionally, paper with density offers a crafted feel and pleasing tactile feedback while preventing burdensome bulk.


We hope you now know how valuable a bullet journal can be for your travel. From planning to recording memories, using a bullet journal for your travel will ensure you keep your memories fresh for your entire lifetime.


However, your travel bullet journal should be fun, and you should not feel pressured into perfection. For instance, taking a few minutes to write down your adventures or organize the information you have collected will suffice.


If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our store! Our customer support team will be happy to help you or answer your questions.